RA-NAV LABORATORIES, INC. has participated in contracts with the following agencies and companies:

  • U.S. ARMY CECOM– Ft. Monmouth, N.J. Printed Circuit Assemblies, Electronic Subassemblies, Power Supplies, RF, Audio and Video Amplifiers
  • U.S. ARMY MICOM– Redstone Arsenal, AL Hawk Missile Electronic Assemblies
  • U.S. AIR FORCE SAALC– Kelly AFB, TX Power Supplies, TTY Test Equipment, Electronic Modules, Audio Amplifiers
  • WILCOX ELECTRIC, INC.– Kansas City, MO Portable ILS Systems, Remote Status Equipment
  • CESSNA AIRCRAFT– Wichita, KS Annunciator Panels for Business Jets
  • GATES LEARJET– Wichita, KS Warning Control Equipment
  • U.S. AIR FORCE– Tinker AFB, OK Installation of Equipment in SAC Command Posts, Power
  • Supplies, Electronic Modules, Circuit Board Assemblies
  • FEDERAL AVIATION AGENCY– Oklahoma City, OK Dummy Loads, Electronic Modules, Power Supplies, Amplifiers, Circuit Boards, Antennas and Antenna Assemblies
  • U.S. AIR FORCE– Sacramento, CA Electronic Components, Power Supplies, Delay Lines, Dummy Loads
  • FBI-Washington, D.C. Power Supplies
  • ARINC – Oklahoma City, & Annapolis Wiring Harness Kits – KC-135, Nav Safety, Standard Flight Data Recorder, ELT. A-37 & King Air Radome Assy

RA-NAV LABORATORIES, INC. has engineered, designed, and manufactured these items: